We provide 3D prints at three different quality levels, depending on your preference.

Standard Printed miniatures are typically printed on an Elegoo Mars, We also use an AnyCubic Photon MonoX for especially large miniatures like monsters and centrepieces. Our standard prints are still of a high quality usually printed at 50 microns. Standard Prints are our most popular and economical choice.

Premium Printed miniatures are typically printed on a Formlabs3 which give a much 'cripser' detailed finish than a standard print. Want to go for that finer print with a higher definition for your special character? Then this is a good choice!

Master Printed miniatures are typically printed on an EnvisionTec D4K. Master Print Quality is what it says. This is the highest quality grade of print and is used by many model manufacturers for making masters for resin or plasitc moulding. Master Prints are very high end and use a special premium orange resin which is reflected in the price!

You can see example prints at all three quality levels below.