Custom Miniature Printing Service






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Please note this service is for 28-32mm scale miniatures. For larger scale models please contact us at for a quote

How to use this service:

1. Use Hero Forge ( or similar services (Desktop Hero, Eldritch Foundry, etc.) to create a custom miniature

2. Purchase the 3D file (Usually .STL or .OBJ) and download it, then purchase this product (see below for quality of print)

3. Email your file or link to:

4. We will confirm receipt and start the 3D printing process.

5. After printing we will post process your model and ship it to you.

All minis are printed using a UV cured resin. They are supplied in a single colour and unpainted.

Note: UV resin models can become brittle when exposed to UV light over extended periods of time. To reduce the risk of this happening, we recommend you prime and paint your minis and store them out of direct sunlight.

Heroforge models are normally 28mm Scale but we are happy to modify the scale of any models to the size you require.

We can print your miniature in 3 different qualities of resin:

Standard - printed on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono using Z-Mud Grey resin at 50 micron

Premium - printed on a Formlab3 with Formlab Grey resin at 50 micron

Master - printed on Envisiontec 4DK with Envisiontec RC90 Orange Resin at 35 micron

High Quality Resin Miniatures
Resin miniatures are supplied in 28mm scale or 32mm heroic scale We offer 3 levels of printing quality – standard, premium and master. Please click here to see examples of miniatures printed at each quality level and to find out more about how your high quality resin miniatures are printed.